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What to expect

Expect to be met and accepted exactly where you are. With warmth, compassion, and a fully present objective listener. We will work together to develop a therapeutic relationship. I will talk with you about what your goals of counseling are and we will work together, towards your goals. If you are ready to make your emotional wellness a priority, schedule an appointment today.

You will be sent an email with a client link. You will complete the information. Prior to your appointment, decide where you would like to settle into for your appointment. It should be somewhere you feel safe. For confidentiality, please ensure you are the only one in the space. It can be your bedroom, backyard, vehicle, or other secure location. Your counseling appointment will be on a secure video.

Teletherapy is a flexible and time saving way for you to fit counseling into your life.

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Full Acceptance Counseling offers HIPPA compliant, behavioral health online therapy

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