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Michelle Tribe, LMHCFull Acceptance Counseling, is exactly as the name implies. Full acceptance. I strongly believe that everyone has a great inner strength within them. I believe in you and fully accept you exactly as you are. You have the ability to self-actualize into who you would like to be. I would be honored to help guide you along your journey. My goal is to provide a therapeutic relationship and secure base that feels safe to you so you may work on developing resilience, growing your inner trust, nurturing your true self, and working on transforming into the person you aspire to be. I am ready to be present with you.

My career is devoted to working, advocating, and volunteering for the empowerment of children, woman, families, LGBTQ+, and all minority communities. My therapeutic approach will focus on your inner strengths as a safe place to begin your therapeutic journey. Your therapy will be individualized based on what your goals of therapy are.

My hope for your therapy process is for it to be authentic, healing and restorative. Are you ready to commit to yourself? Believe in yourself and reach out today. I look forward to working with you.

I am a licensed Mental Health Counselor. It’s important to me to be able to help my clients as much as possible. I take ongoing trainings, attend workshops, and collaborate with peer counselors. I also have three specialized certifications.

1.  I have an Advanced Grief Counseling Specialist certification. The focus of this area is all of life’s changes, where we experience feelings of loss and grief.

2.  Binge Eating and Chronic Dieting Certification. I work with client's that have bulimia, yo-yo dieters, individuals that are pre or post bariatric surgery, and emotional eaters.

3.   Certified Anxiety-Informed Professional. I provide therapy for people with anxiety and all anxiety disorders. In this area, it includes fears, specific phobias, separation anxiety, OCD, social anxiety, day to day anxiety, selective mutism, and panic.

Washington State License # LH61500823

Interested in submitting a professional referral request? Click here  Professional Referrals PDF form to download the referral form, then email to:  Michelle.Tribe@fullacceptance.org  any questions call   (360) 601-3108

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Michelle Tribe, LMHC