Child Counseling Age 8 - 12

Children are in a continuous state of growth and development, with complex feelings, thoughts, and emotions. Sometimes, all of this change and emotions can feel overwhelming. Many events that have a heavy influence in a child’s life are things that are outside of their control. Perhaps an older sibling moves out, a loved one passes away, their parents are separating, a best friend moves away, they get a new teacher they aren’t connecting with, or any other life transition. This can make a child’s life feel out of control. Seeking counseling for your child is a supportive way you can show your child their feelings are valid.

  • Grief, Loss and Trauma

  • Insecurity, Low Confidence

  • Lack of Self Love

  • Stress, Anxiety, Fears and Phobias

  • Parent divorce or separation

  • Childhood illness

  • Social skill building

  • Working on boundaries

  • Processing change

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